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Do you know that a faulty boiler can waste away your money? Do you know that the boiler can start leaking poisonous carbon monoxide? Since gas is colourless and odorless, it can be difficult to tell whether the boiler is leaking or not. Here at ANC Mechanical, we offer our professional services in boiler repairs, regular maintenance and service. If one is beyond repair or too old thus posing safety risks. We handle emergencies, and installation of new boiler of any type and kind.

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Our professional boiler services include the following:


Boiler installation and replacement

If your boiler is too old and costs a lot during the routine maintenance ANC technicians will evaluate, design and install or replace your boiler for the best performance. They will explain the operation and maintenance of your new boiler and will answer any question.


Boiler emergencies

ANC mechanical provides 24/7 emergency service to all Chicagoland. We have the ability to deploy our experts to come and diagnose and then fix your boiler quickly and efficiently. Our teams are always ready to handle any boiler related emergency. We can provide you with emergency heat until your boiler is back in order.


Boiler repair

ANC mechanical will repair all minor and major boiler problems and they are all handled by professionals. They will carefully assess the boiler equipment and then advice on its remaining life and whether it requires repair or replacement. We have experience in all types of boilers: water, steam, tankless. We serve all brands.


The following are some of the boiler problems we identify and how we solve them.


  • Heating problems: Our trained technicians will diagnose the problem, will give you the repair options and pricing before performing the repairs.


  • Water feeder: All the new boilers offer a lot of safety controls but that was not the case for the older boiler. If your water feeder gets clogged and the boiler stops getting the fresh water supply your last hope is that you have a low water cutoff otherwise it will overheat and crack the boiler sections and might start the fire. Our technician will check your existing controls and will offer you additional controls for your peace of mind.


  • Pressure relief vale: every boiler equipped with the pressure relieve vale. If you pressure relief valve is leaking or dripping it might not operate properly in case of high pressure emergency. Also our technician will make sure that the pipe connected to the valve is the right length and diameter. (The pipe has to be of the same diameter as the pressure relief port. The end of the pipe should be within 3 to 6 inches from the floor).


  • Ignition problem: Every boiler has its own ways of igniting the flame. Our experienced techs will diagnose the problem and repair the boiler or controls.


  • Zones not working properly: If some of your zones are not working properly our technician will find the source of the problem.


  • Boiler frequently shuts itself off: If your boiler is “short-cycling” it might be a number of reasons and might be a threat to the boiler and your property. Some of the reasons could be: faulty low water sensor, faulty high limit sensor. If one of those sensors fails it can be a cause of boiler cracking or even a fire.


  • Radiators not warming up: If some of your radiators aren’t hot to your satisfaction out technician will investigate the problem and fix it after your approval.


In order to avoid the above maintenance problems, ANC recommends to have your boiler cleaned and serviced annually. ANC 20 points clean and service inspection

Service and maintenance

We service all types of boiler for many long term contracts across Chicago. Our service maintenance team is at your service and always available for heating, cooling and electrical maintenance.


The following are the things we check when carrying out the boiler routine service.


  • Inspection of boiler controls to ensure they are working properly
  • Checking the main components of the boiler
  • Check the boiler for any leaks and corrosion
  • Checking of the gas pressure
  • Cleaning of the necessary parts
  • Testing the flue and making sure it is not emitting any dangerous fumes and gases
  • Checking for worn out seals


Safety inspections and efficiency

Safety and efficiency are vital for any operational factors in our homes, therefore, when the boiler is not performing properly, ANC mechanical helps in identifying the potential safety risk in order to avoid any unnecessary cost implication arising from the faults. We perform regular inspections to your boiler in order to maximize its efficient use of natural gas and to make sure it remain compliant with the manufacturer standards of operation.


Our boiler service maintenance technicians are all certified and are constantly trained with the latest techniques to handle all the boiler needs. We have latest tools and equipment to carry out our duties efficiently.


If your boiler needs maintenance or replacement, ANC mechanical provides boilers of all sizes, fuel types, pressures and ones with varying manufacturing codes. Make us your technicians of choice and get your boiler repairs done with total confidence. All our services are exceptional, efficient and affordable.


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