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Furnace Repair and Replacement

Winters in northern Illinois can be very cold and snowy, and there’s nothing you love more than staying warm inside your home. However, if your furnace or heating system isn’t working properly, staying warm can be a challenge, not to mention that severe cold can be dangerous, especially if you have small children or elderly adults in the home. At ANC Mechanical in Des Plaines, we offer expert furnace repair and replacement, so when you need us, we’ll be there.

We service all major furnace brands, and if it’s time to replace your heating system, we’ll recommend the best model that fits your home and your needs. If your current furnace can be repaired, we’ll get to work on it right away, since we know that you’ve gone long enough without proper heat in your home. We come prepared to do any job and if, for some reason, we don’t have a necessary part, we’ll get it right away. Our goal is to have your furnace up and running as soon as possible, so you can rest easy and stay warm during those cold winter nights.


We serve all of Chicago’s northern suburbs, so if the temperature has dropped and your furnace refuses to turn on, can’t keep up, or runs too long, please call us right away. You can contact us online, or reach us at

(847) 558-7773

and member of our staff will respond to your request or speak with you and help you find the service that you need to keep your furnace in optimal condition. We look forward to helping you!

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