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Technology is constantly changing, and the introduction of the tankless water heater drastically changed the home appliance industry. Instead of a bulky water heater tank in your basement or utility closet, you can now have a wall-mounted appliance that supplies hot water on demand throughout your home. Tankless models are designed for efficiency and can help you save on energy costs each month. At ANC Mechnical in Des Plaines, we can help you choose the right tankless appliance, and we’ll properly install it in no time at all.



With any appliance decision, it’s important to consider two factors: the amount of time you will use it, and what it will cost. We can help you choose a tankless water heater or boiler that will be able to keep up with the hot water demand of your home, and that also fits your budget. It’s beneficial to take a look at your recent water and energy bills to see how much you’re spending, and then look at the average numbers for a new tankless model to see what you can save. We’ll also make sure your new appliance is appropriately sized for your home.

If you’ve noticed there isn’t enough hot water for your showers, tubs, or other appliances, contact us today to discuss tankless water heater options. We can replace your old traditional water heater with a small, compact, and energy-efficient appliance that will supply your home with adequate hot water for many years to come.


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